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Bodyline L322!!!
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My first ever lolita dress~ which brought joy but conflict ^^' my mother sought the name of Lolita as we all know the prostitutes of whatevs~ and that was heart breaking. But I do understand completely to her misunderstanding. But here's some details of the dress

Worn picture, I still don't have anything to match it with so consider it a WIP :)

Bodyline Dresses I bought
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Nihao~! Mai here~ :) and heres the two JSKs I bought recently~

Bodyline L322 JSK in Black

Bodyline L185 JSK in Black

If only bodyline restocked on better dresses ^^' but these are some of my personal Bodyline favorites~!!!

Lolita Shoes!
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Bought these since I couldn't buy a pair of Bodyline ones~ but they're just gorgeous!

I'm a size 8 and they fit snugly tight! A perfect addition to me developing wardrobe~

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Hai hai from Mai Mai~!!! <3 wow..

Here's an update of what I've done lately~:

Had to low ball and buy some shoes off of eBay since my card didn't want to go through Bodyline~ :( sad face. I had the money but it was exact, therefore somewhat "going over my spending limit" as so the error said. But I'm ready for the ugly shoes I will soon recieve!!!

Gonna spend a good deal of waiting on my lolita dress from Bodyline. :) goodies~!!

Bought a pocket watch necklace for myself and a Rilakkuma plush for my sister! Since she oh so pleaded for anything.

Decorated a shoulder bag to use for my dress, hopefully it fits nicely with the dress :O
for some reason I can't post a picture right now :I silly app~

I have shoes~ Dress~ petticoat~ baggy~ gonna use my hair~ maybe I'll soon be set!!! I just need to get some socks! That's what I'm missing :O but for now I'll stick with my knee high ones~ I really wanted some tights :3

Almost done with my first Coord!!! It's gonna be so boring~ :) haha!
Dancing Kisses~! -MaiMai

Shopping List Progress!
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Yay for progress~ I finally bought my first Lolita dress from BODYLINE. I really have high hopes for it to look at least acceptable~

Here's the progress I made from this tiny little list:

I can't wait to buy the shoes~ since I'm only 5'0 - 5'2 I would rather wear heels than flats~

Many told me not to buy the wig so I won't, saves me hassle and money~

Here's a bag I want to buy to match the dress:

But then again I confirmed that the pattern is more to a cherry blossom theme so I'll take some more time accessory hunting~!!

I have a blouse and petticoat~ some white tights or white knee high socks would do, and I just need to get the shoes~ :)

I'm feeling way better after a crazy turn of events but now I'm on my way to creating a larger wardrobe, one dress at a time.
Dancing Kisses~ -MaiMai

A Happier Journal Entry
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Let's look on the bright side of things now. I have these darling Pink colored contact lenses from Starry Eye, and they are gorgeous. It was my first time wearing contacts and it was just unbelievable. I wore them to school today and not once did I need to use eye drops for irritated eyes. They just didn't bother me at all for the entire day! I had to take them off right away because I felt super paranoid wearing them since I didn't want to harm my eyes in any way, so it was a relief removing them.

I'm itching to buy my Lolita stuff already... Grrrrr It's just like I need them nowww~! x3

I'm gonna post more on EGL to answer like a ton of questions of mines so I'ma hop out~!!
                                                                                                                                                                                        Dancing Kisses~!! -MaiMai

Personal Matters?
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Well, my Lolita Plans still are works of progress, but I just have the need to write rather personal things~ It'll be brief trust me! Since i'm not depressed or anything~

But yeah, I really do suffer from crazy emotional stuff and thoughts. Either I plea insanity or its nothing until its diagnosed. I'm probably perfectly normal for all I care. But I do think outside the world, negatively. I can't really describe it because I don't feel it. But this would've been paragraphs if I was beyond stressed.

Hah, I can't really get into it, it's blank to me. Well until another problem arises.

Slightly upset on how mom lost her job recently. The flu got the best of her, and she just got that job. But it's alright, it's another chance to get rid of the bad in her, well.. Which means her current boyfriend. She's spent our entire time in Florida with a person who caused her even more pain than the people before him. It's just weird. But it doesnt bother me. The fact I'm gonna lose the creature oh so close to me is slightly bothering me. Coby, my darling Schnauzer-Chihuahua mix. He's a son to me. And he's left before, and it just killed me inside. If he left again, then what is there to be happy about. He's my baby boy, took care of him from day one. I would have a hole in my chest that not even happiness could fill, guaranteed. But who knows, all there is for a child like me is to wait and see what happens, maybe he wont leave for the billionth time. Maybe mom would finally let go of her own pain. All I can do is wait and gain more independence.

For now I'm hanging on to life with my school's Fashion Academy and the two best friends dearest to me. I really can't wait to make my own Lolita dresses and Skirts. I'll make my own brand one day too~ It's what I really look forward to.

But theres nothing to do but wait and wait till things get better. I can get a job, save money, and create dresses from there. College isn't what I'm routing for if its not gonna teach me what I want, which is to reach the depths of lolita fashion. I just want to sew~

More Plans ^^'
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Mai Mai here~!! And boy what do we have here. Soon enough money won't be that much of a problem once I keep saving, but I need a way to buy the stuff online, like the precious card~

Which obviously I don't have ^^' and before I used to rely on my uncle to help me buy things, but now the price tag is out of his own reach! So I have to resort to gift cards for now :O

I really want the ones ranging from 100 to 500 so I can buy multiple things so that's what i have to save for~

Progress is rather slow, but I have the month of February and March to get a whole outfit for April's meet!! It's quiet a challenge since it takes a while for shipments to get here~ but let's do this!!! >:O

No Subject Really
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My head just really huuurtsss!!! So sick right now Xc

The Last Step
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Hi~ Mai here~ and with this journal entry, it's time to take a vow. One week of researching Lolita and watching youtube and what not~ I came to realization, it consumes you. In a positive way of course! I've dreamt all about Lolita this whole entire week! Everything was Lolita, eating, talking, browsing. I also became depressed over how budget tight I am and how I only have support from a friend or two that loves the idea on me. I touched the surface with my mother, but I need to give her visual proof, as in me transforming into my progressing Lolita. With that I can see if mommy will let me follow my dreams or not. The best excuse is for my fashion academy of course. I can be myself through clothing, through visual expression. It's who I really want to be.

People like the way I look so far as I am, but I hate it. I never make effort into my appearance. I can't stare at a mirror that has my face on it, it just pains me. With make up I make a slight exception, but I still don't like it because I can't style my hair as I want it to. My parents control my appearance I guess. But with Lolita I can escape from restriction and show my true colors. I can become a girl, not a slouchy tomboy. I can be what I really am, not act the opposite gender as I used to be.

This is the step I need to take for my future. I've seen the pros and cons, peoples reactions, and I honestly didn't care. I want to become a unique style of Lolita. A style that pushes the boundaries, but stays inside them.

Right now I'm still developing my taste for dresses, and my petticoat is currently in NYC so I'll be waiting for that. I'm slowly shedding out of the dead skin I call "Crystal" and will soon become Mai Mai~ I WILL NOT make permanent changes to myself, I'll be the slouchy girl working as financial support for Mai, and it's impossible to try and change my name, that's silly. I really enjoy Bodyline's simple and cute dress designs so I'll be pleased to buy from there!

With that, I don't know what else to cover~ there was so much in mind but my phone is dying ^^' so bai bai~!! From Mai Mai! :D


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